Products Pile driving and drilling
Products Pile driving and drilling
Equipment for pile driving and drilling works
Equipment for pile driving and drilling works

Drilling tools

We offer a wide range of augers, cutting heads, tool joints and additional devices for professional ground-drilling works


Our augers are noted for their clear design, solid construction and optimum diameter to pitch ratio, for best spoil clearance.

For joining the auger flights, high resistant tool joints are inserted between the auger sections and secured with a bolt and self locking nut or u-clips. The following auger is secured with a spring-loaded U-pin, which ensures rapid changes when adding auger sections, or removing from the hole.Flight edges of the augers are fully hard-faced against wear.

Augers and auger heads can be delivered with hollow stem for flushing applications or concrete pumping.

Special augers and drill heads can be made according to customers' requirements. 

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