Products Pile driving and drilling
Products Pile driving and drilling
Equipment for pile driving and drilling works
Equipment for pile driving and drilling works

RTG machines

Offer wide range of application


The RG Pile drivers with telescopic and/or fixed leaders allow coupling of a wide range of special attachments for foundation and soil improvement works. The leaders are dedigned fro transferring high crowd forces, and secondly, to absorb torques in drilling applications. In combination with high engine power the RG Pile drivers are ideally suitable for various applications.


Attachment units are intercahngeable between the difeerent RG rigs.

  • Vibratory systems: Pile driving with vibrator, VIB walls, Displacement piles
  • Impact driving systems: Pile driving with Diesel hammers, Fambo hydraulic hammers or HRS accelerated hydraulic hammers
  • Pile pressing systems: Pile driving without vibration e.g. with MPZ press
  • Rotary drilling: Predrilling, Twin rotary drive systems (FoW), CFA piling, Displacement piling FDP, Kelly drilling
  • Soil mixing systems
    • CSM (Cutter Soil Mixing)
    • SMW (Mixing with three paddles)
    • SCM (Single Column Mixing with one paddle)



RTG System for pile driving
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