Products Pile driving and drilling
Products Pile driving and drilling
Equipment for pile driving and drilling works
Equipment for pile driving and drilling works

Special Shackles for 3,5 to 100 tons of load

for 3,5 to 100 tons of load


The Shackles are useful of safety for the profiles double "T", angles and sheet piles.


They are devices of grasp with remote control for rope.


These tools allow him to raise so much the profiles to zones, normally difficult to reach for the operative, as unhooking the profiles from a considerable distance, out of dangerous zones.

They work with the rapid procedure and of maximum SAFETY of "Unhook" thanks to his system of built-in Carrack.


We have models according to dimensions and weight of the profiles/sheet piles, from 3,5 T up to 40, T.


Also we have a "special Shackle" with load up to 100 Tons.


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